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How Your Customized Packaging be Applied - A Default Way to Make Customized Package Unique

Create Date: 2020-07-20 09:13:02

Most of the customer care about the package of the products and wonder how CJ pack the products for them. Now let's din on it!

Some choose customized packaging for the order, also some will leave note or message to us for the specific requirements. Normally, we will do it in the same way as you required. When there is no note from the customer, then we will follow the methods below:

1. Box: Jewelry/Watch Box

Jewelry Box: We will take out the jewelry from its original packaging; position it at the particular place in the box.

If the box is a normal box without any positioner, then put the jewelry into the box along with the original packaging. 

Note: if it also shows a flannel drawstring pouch in the order, then all the original packaging will be discarded. We will put 

the jewelry into the flannel pouch and further into the box. 

Watch Box: We will remove all the original packaging and put the watch into the watch box.

2. Box: Glasses Box

If it got other accessories, for instance, pouch and cleaning cloth, the glasses will be put into the pouch then placed into 

the glasses box with the cleaning cloth.

3. Box: Mailer Box

If it is used to contain the apparel, we will keep the insider packaging nearest the product like zipper bag, and put it into 

the mailer box. 

If it also shows zipper bag in the order, then we will substitute the zipper bag with the customized zipper bag and then put 

it into the mailer box.

Put the products into the mailer box directly.

4. Other regular paper boxes like lid top box, tuck up box, earphone box, etc.

Firstly compare the customized box to the original box. 

If the customized packaging exceeds the original one in size, then we will place the product into the custom one directly.

If the customized packaging is similar to the original packaging or the same in size, then the old one will be replaced with 

the new one.

5. Carton

Put the product into the carton with the original packaging.

6. Bags like shipping bag, bubble envelope, zip bag, seal bag, gunny bag, flannel bag, etc.

Discard the original packaging of the product; put it into the above custom packaging.

Note: If the custom packaging is a shipping bag then we will use the customized one to pack, and waybill won't cover the 

logo on the custom shipping bag.

If the custom packaging is a bubble envelope then we will directly stick the waybill to its surface without covering the logo 

of clients, and the shipping bag outside won't be needed.

7. Labels

Usually, labels are used for apparel products. We will discard the original labels and use the new ones.

8. Cards and small gifts (hairband, heel stickers, small notebook, sticky note). 

The SKU of custom packaging all starts with BZSP.

It will be placed in the spare space of the parcel.

9. Stickers

Put it on the shipping bag unless there is a note over how to apply it.

10. Instruction / User Manual

Replace the original instruction with the new user manual.

11. Combine the above methods if one product gets many pieces of custom packaging

For example, a piece of clothes has several kinds of custom packaging, e.g. mailer box, zip bag, label, and card. 

We will use the custom label to replace the original label, the customized zip bags will substitute the original zipper bag.

Then put the clothes into the zip bag and all will be packed into the mailer box along with the customized card.