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What is the Difference Between List, Connect and Source?

Create Date: 2018-05-23 17:38:27 Last Edited: 2020-11-11 03:54:34

List, connect and source are the most common operations to them on CJ. You can make use of CJ better when you know the difference between them. Here we will introduce the difference in detail.


For new dropshippers, it's very easy to publish products to the store.
Like many product listing tools, the "List" tool on CJ can help import the product directly to your store. The product details, including description (weight, inventory, packing), photos will be added to your product list after you authorize your store to CJ. It will build a connection between your store product and CJ's products automatically, which is the most essential step for CJ to fulfill your order.


When you have found your niche and have added some products to your store, "connectcan help to make a connection between your products and CJ's products if you find your products on CJ. It can help CJ get to know what products should be fulfilled for you. It's suitable for you when you want to change your supplier or a fulfillment service provider.


If you didn't find a product on CJ to connect, you can give the product to us and we'll help find, which is what "Source" means.  

Even if CJ has published over 200,000 products, sometimes you may not find what you want on CJ. In this situation, you can post a sourcing request to CJ and CJ can source and publish it for you. After sourcing success, you can get the product details and list to your store or make a connection then.